This is the fastest way to download SlideShare Book. I made this video right after i wrote that code to download my desired book.

how to download slideshare book easily
how to download slideshare book easily

Step 1.
Choose the book you want from slideshare. Example:

Step 2.
Right click image (on that book), open new tab, just see that url

Step 3.
Repeat no 2, and see what different of that both url

Step 4.
after you saw the different, you are in the right track.
Yes, that twi urls told me that its has pagination on that url.

for example:
url 1:

url 2:

mean that two url contain pagination after word -ok-

Step 5. now just copy that url, then write simpel loop for, ini your favorite text editor. then run the code.

By using for loop, we need to know in what page the book end, or, find maximum page that book displayed on slideshare. in this case, we got 154. just make 154 as maximum page.
let`s say:
$maxpage = 154;

for($i = 1;$i<154;$i++)
<img src ='<?php echo $i; ?>-638.jpg?cb=1487823720'><br>

this will repeat number until maximum page (154).

Now save it and run that page on http://yourfolder/download.php

the book will be displayed on on page till page 154.

just CTRL P (print) to PDF.

You`re done. Enjoy!