This ASUS E202SA laptop product is really frustrating. RAM is only 2 GB, processor is low, but pre-installed is WINDOWS 10. As a result, laptop performance is severe. Heavy and frustrating.
Then, I thought of replacing it with WINDOWS 7.

WindowsImageTool from Gygabyte

The problem is, this laptop uses the UEFI system which makes it unable to be installed.

If installing using a USB installer, the system will request a DVD driver.

to solve this, it’s very easy. that needs to be prepared:
1. Don’t use Rufus to make bootable USB, but use the Gygabite product (mb_utility_windowsimagetool_z370).
2. Prepare the Windows 7 ISO file

The steps:
1. Plug the USB into the laptop
2. Install and run the application from Gygabite earlier.
3. Navigate to the ISO source (usually directed to DVD ROM, if the laptop does not have a DVD, use POWER ISO.
4. Burn to USB, this takes about 30 minutes at the longest.

When finished, plug the USB into the target laptop, when booting, press F2 to enter the BIOS menu.
then in the boot section, select USB UEFI, not just USB.

Thus I successfully installed Windows 7 on the ASUS E202SA.