I Just bought an iPhone 3G, second hand, from olx.co.id. It had 4.2.1 iOS and only few apps can be installed on it. So, i thought its better to make it run faster with huge great apps installed on it (minus BBM and G Plus).

First thing i should do was, i will made it run faster with custom IPSW iOS 3.1.3 but dressed with iOS 7 :p. This mean, i should down it grade to iOS 3.1.3

I went to whited00r.com and download “Whited00r 7.1 Normal IPSW

Don`t worry, Installing Whited00r is safe: you can reinstall the Apple original firmware in just one click if you don’t like whited00r custom firmware.

Main Process:
– Connect iPhone 3G with USB to computer
– make sure your phone is OFF
– Open [Windows]-Redsn0w.exe and click on ‘Extra’ button and then on ‘Pwned DFU’.
Follow the instructions provided by Redsn0w.
At the end of the process your device will be in Pwned DFU State with black screen. please see

By your hand do these steps
a. push and hold power button
b. While ower button on hold, Push Home button
c. Release Power button, then Home button (a,b,c see instruction on [Windows]-Redsn0w.exe)
d. If blck screen, emn you are in DFU mode

– after your phone is on black screen, mean it on DFU mode.
– now on iTunes Application, you will asked to install software, in this section, Click on “Restore” while holding SHIFT key (⇧) on your keyboard and select the Whited00r Software Update (.ipsw) from your computer (that you have downloaded).
– let the process till the end – don’t forget to activate internet connection on your pc If everything is okay, means the iOS 3.1.3 custom IPSW instlled on your 3G iPhone Congrats…

NEXT, enrich your iphone with apps

You will not find an old apps on iTunes, so you need to use AppTimeMachine that ready on Custom iOS 3.1.3 by Whited00r

Step 1: You need to install Whited00r on your device in order to use AppTimeMachine: Installation Guide
Step 2: Open AppStore application that you can find on the HomeScreen.
Step 3: Use the built in Search Bar or navigate via categories to look for the application you need. Step 4: Click on the ‘Install’ button and wait for download and installation of the desired application.

Other way? More Simple please…

Yes ofcourse, the other way is more simple

1. Surf the apps on net except itunes (why? because the old apps not available there). i suggest you mob.org
2. Now to install those files, we need smart tool name iFunbox, download here Use iFanbox Classic 3. To install, conect your iPhoe with USB, run iFanbox Classic, while connected you are ready to go. 4. Click user Applications and then click Install App > browise th ipa File you have downloaded on step 1.
5. If Success, the report say ” 1 success 0 failed” See

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