Today i got offer from Admob to upgrade my admob account. The new admob is integrated with adsense. The payment of older admob is not longer use paypal. i think thats why google make change.

So Whats New and Whats change?
According to Admob Support, this is the new and Change

The New

  •     Designed for apps: At the heart of the new AdMob is a streamlined user interface, to make it even easier for you to monetize and   promote your apps in minutes.
  •     Smarter app promotion: Drive installs of your app at a target cost per acquisition (CPA) with our cutting-edge Conversion Optimizer tool.
  •     Local payments: No more conversion calculators required. Get paid in your own currency.
  •     Local currency options are not available in all countries.
  •     Time zone support: You can view campaign and conversion reporting using your local time zone.
  •     No updates required: You don’t need to update your app when you upgrade.
  •     Home tab: View all your earnings and app downloads on one page.


  •     Intelligent reports: Go beyond just knowing your average eCPM and fill rate. View reports that help you identify new opportunities to grow your earnings.
  •     Simplified mediation: All ad units are enabled for mediation by default, so you no longer have to swap identifiers during mediation.
  •     Robust ad filters: More control so you can refine which ads appear in your apps, increase relevancy, and protect your brand. The new filters now apply at the account level. Learn more about ad filters.
  •     Supported image ads: Refer to supported image ads for details.
  •     Payment options: The payment system in the new AdMob has changed. Payment options are available to you depending on your location.
  •     Terminology differences: Some familiar terms have changed. The table below lists terminology differences between the legacy and the new AdMob.

Legacy AdMob     New AdMob
Sites:     Ad units
Publisher ID:     Ad units ID
Publisher controls:     Ad filters

  • Sites: The new AdMob is designed with a focus on apps. During data import, AdMob detects which apps you have and imports your legacy sites as ad units under those apps. If there are no known apps associated with a legacy site, AdMob will create a placeholder app for these unknown sites.
  •     Percentage allocation: For mediation, the new AdMob supports only eCPM traffic allocation. Legacy mediation settings that allocate by percentage will be converted to and imported as eCPM traffic allocation.

Don`t forget to Import your Admob Legacy, Like this

It will take a few minutes, you`ll be noticed by email

We are currently importing your legacy AdMob data. Please do not log out of your account until the data import is done. You will receive an email when it’s done. Refresh the page to see your data.