If someone annoying you or make a fake account, you can find his email even if hidden by privacy setting. By these simple trick, the secret revealed.
example: my target is http://facebook.com/posmetro.batam, this is the real fake account, made by someone who hates Posmetro (http://facebook.com/posmetro

Basic Action you need to
– make sure you have been a friend of target (posmetro.batam)
– have yahoo mail (or make new)

This is what you should do

1. Login to your facebook. Make sure you have been connected to target (surely as friend), see notification.

” height=”85″ width=”426″ /> 2. Click New Tab (ctrl T) to open yahoo mail service. You may also use ymail or rocketmail or yahoo.
3. log to yahoo using your facebook account, see below

4. select “Or login with existing yahoo account”

5. Yahoo will ask you simple action to secure your account, just click Next Time.
6. Now you see inbox, next you must click “contact:

7. Import contact from Facebook

8. Now, you see the email of target

How to prove?

Just Log from your facebook, and login as “forgot your password”, facebook will hint an email. see below

Good Luck, Buddy!!