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Can I prevent people from adding me to a new group?

Have your ever added by someone in your friend list to a group you don`t wanna join in? Yeah, this is bothering. Lanjut Baca Mobile News Portal – Android Apps [May Be] on Google Play

As a largest news network undername Jawapos Group, the JPNN portal should have better mobile apps interface to make their audience comfort when access their portal.

Lanjut Baca

Google Adsense Performance on Planets & Moons, What iS that?

I just opened Google Adsense Dashbord, and surprised by Top Planet And Moons. What is that? Is somebody out there has internet and click ads on my site?

Lanjut Baca

Forget Wp Security Plugin, Back To Protect Manually

After last attack on previous article, someone coming from ip and login succesfully, and change wp password. After that, my site lock me down, because my password is incorrect after trying 2 times. WTF!! Lanjut Baca

WP Security Plugin Problem: 347 times login attempts

I have already set WP Security Plugin to prevent brute force by limiting login attempt max only 1 failed login. BUT, today i found that login failed record shows 347 times login attempts!!.
Lanjut Baca

“Lintaskan” Button and SocMed Without Plugin

Now, let`s maka simple code that help us share articles to social media. Twitter, fb share, G+ share, and now lintaskan share (indonesia social bookmarking). You may also read previous article about “WordPress Share Tool to FB, Twitter and G+ Without Plugin“, this article just addition. Lanjut Baca

How to Stop WordPress From Generating Image Copies in Different Sizes

By default, when you upload image via media uploader, wordpress will generate many size of image that you just upload. This will cauase your server crowded. So, let`s change this setting behaviour.

Lanjut Baca

Replace WordPress Search Form With Google CSE and Detik Style

With these simple steps, we well create a search bar that using google cse and stylized.
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